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We are the utmost reliable and best web design company in Mumbai that serves various clients of numerous businesses. Effective web design will make your business grow rapidly.

Best Web Design and Development Company in Mumbai

Digital Web Technology offers unique and excellent website designing and development services to the clients. We make sure that the website is user-friendly and attractive. Our company is a blend of creative professionals and experienced people.  At the same time, we are ISO certified firms and hence our services have given us topmost clients from various parts of the country.

We are being referred to as the standard Web development companies in Mumbai. Our team meets up the expectations of the clients and the ideas are implemented according to the requirements of the business. Using advanced techniques and methodologies, the website is designed. Our experts know how to engage the customers on the website and hence the models and graphics used are unique and attract the audience to stay on the website for a longer period of time. As our company is a highly professional web designing company in Mumbai, clients are happy with our work and thus a long-term relationship is being built-up. Eventually, the aim is to provide the best of the best services to the clients and to expand their business and over the world.

Guaranteed Web Design Company with excellent development services

We offer various advanced and latest web design and development services. Some of them are listed below:

Open source development: Open source development means where the source code is available and developers just need to do a bit of modification according to the requirement of the client’s business.  We work on open source development technologies, such as Linux, WordPress, Firefox, Liferay, and many others. This service has changed the entire process of the World Wide Web.

Custom Website Design: This is an interactive process with the business. The client’s business is understood and based on that the programming, strategy, execution, and marketing are done.

Responsive website design: As the website is designed for the betterment of the audience. Hence, the approach of the website design must be simpler and the flow must be smooth. The website is designed considering the user interface and the images, content, and the page layout is designed based on the user’s environment.

Ecommerce Website Design: For e-commerce website design, add to cart option, and payment gateway provider is provided. Also, at the same time, you can place an order or can save the product and can buy later. Various plug-INS are used in order to provide the effective e-commerce impact of the website.

WordPress Development: Most of the clients prefer WordPress development as this is the easiest CRM platform where the website is developed in a user-friendly manner. Various themes are available and based on the business, an appropriate theme is being selected.

Magento Development: Magento platform is used to build e-commerce websites. Here, the coding is not freely available, but many new features and functions are provided.  The website is built in a seamless and attractive manner.

Website Maintenance: We keep track of the website to check whether each and every section of the module is working properly or not.

Static website services: Static website means where the WebPages and content are similar to all the pages.  For E.g Tedtalks is a static website. In a simpler way, a static website means where people can’t order anything.  Here HTML programming language is used.

Dynamic website services:  All e-commerce websites are dynamic websites. Here, every page consists of unique content and good user interaction is provided. In dynamic websites, the languages used are PHP, ASP, and JSP.

How do we start with the website development process?           

We follow all the standard website development processes by collecting information about the business. Once the business is understood, the plan is prepared, and simultaneously, the work is divided among the team members. The target location, audience, and goals are being set up, and accordingly, the website is designed. Technical parts such as the sitemap and other structures are being created. Page layouts are being designed and content is written. The coding part consists of various changes and errors which are sorted out on a timely basis and eventually the testing is being done by us. Once the website is launched, regular maintenance and monitoring of it are being managed.


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